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Ms Dorothy Khambule is a grade 6 teacher at Morutathuto Primary School in Meadowlands, Soweto. She teaches English (FAL), Setswana, Social Sciences and Life Skills. Dorothy has been teaching for 37 years! She says, ‘I teach these children not to be like me - but to be better than me.’ She is a disciplinarian, but does it with love.

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From The Coach

I first met the teacher, Ms Dorothy Khambule when I visited Morutathuto Primary School in 2013. I was initially intimidated by her negative comments about the GPLMS programme. ‘I’m a qualified teacher; I have been teaching for more than 30 years and I cannot be taught how to teach now!’ She was clearly correct to highlight her experience and knowledge. The dignified way she carried herself gave the impression that she had seen it all.

It is always a challenge to work with mature teachers who have been working in the field for a long time. They will tell you about the many changes to the curriculum they have seen, and can sometimes carry ‘baggage’ from the days of Apartheid. I’ve found them to be cynical and very sceptical of anything new.

However I do not scare easily, and I refused to give in. Over time things have changed and Dorothy is now one of my best teachers. We have also become good friends. Through careful and structured interventions in the classroom and workshops, Dorothy understands and embraces the methodologies of the GPLMS programmes. She participates wholeheartedly in the Professional Learning Group (PLG) workshops, and is always ready to work and assist other teachers. She is totally sold!

Rachel Marakoane
GPLMS Intersen Phase Coach




Group reading used to be a nightmare. To be honest I did not know exactly what to do during the group reading lessons. It was after the coach demonstrated one to me that both the learners and I fell in love with it and started enjoying the lessons.

- Ms Dorothy Khambule, Featured Teacher


Ms Khambule encourages the School English team to prepare and create teaching and learning aids for lessons. She is a team leader.

- Ms Mashidiso Mashile, School Principal

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