Radmaste and the GPLMS

  • Radmaste has been part of the GPLMS since January 2012.
  • Radmaste provides coaching and support in InterSen Phase Maths.
  • The Radmaste GPLMS team consists of 18 IP coaches and 1 Supervisor working in approximately 151 schools.
  • The Radmaste GPLMS project team is managed by Rencia Lourens and Jackie Scheiber, who can be contacted at
About Radmaste

The mission of Radmaste is to enhance the quality, relevance and accessibility of mathematics, science and technology education at all levels of the education system.

Having regard to its particular strengths, as well as to its limitations, the Centre engages in projects that focuses on the needs of the teacher and teacher educators, and aims to promote their professional development by engaging in activities which have the greatest possible multiplier effect on mathematics, science and technology education.

Contact Radmaste

Street Address RADMASTE Centre, University of the Witwatersrand, School of Education, 1st Floor, Marang Block 27 St Andrews Road Parktown, Johannesburg
Postal Address Private Bag 3 WITS 2050
Co-ordinates  -26.181822,28.041646
Telephone +27 11 717 3451
Fax +27 11 717 3459
Website www.radmaste.org.za