School Of The Month

A Visit To The School


Itekeng Junior Primary School, in Central Western Jabavu has been nominated as ‘School of the Month’ due to their rapid progress in literacy. ‘The GPLMS is a good project. Thanks to it, learners are improving in English’, says headmaster Mr J. Dladla.



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From The Coach

My first reaction when visiting Itekeng Junior Primary School in 2012 was one of admiration for their hard working staff. The school, located in Jabavu, serves many learners children from marginalised backgrounds.

The school has only 1 English teacher, Ms O.N. Kubheka, who is also the Head of Department (HOD). She teaches grade 4 English First Additional Language (FAL) to 3 classes of 40 learners.

Itekeng Primary has made great progress in a very short period of time under the GPLMS programme. In 2012, all Intersen Phase teachers and learners underwent a Catch-Up programme. The average grade 4 result at the start of the Catch-Up programme was 35%. In comparison, the 2013 Annual National Assessment (ANA) results were on average 55%, with some learners excelling with 80%.

Ms Kubheka has been instrumental in the success of her learners and the school. She follows the GPLMS Lesson Plans to the letter, and attributes her success to this secret.

Anne Sassen
GPLMS Intersen Phase Coach




The Knowledge Tree DVD’s have brought in an excellent new dimension to the project. There are such good ideas in the DVD training, in particular the episode on teaching reading to learners. Even weak learners have benefitted from it.

- Ms ON Kubheka, HOD / English Teacher


The GPLMS offers a very good approach to the curriculum. Leaner progress is quite clear. We are so happy with our results in the ANAs – they were much better than last year. This is thanks to the GPLMS.

- Ms ON Kubheka, HOD / English Teacher

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