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St Mary's and the GPLMS

  • St Mary’s has been part of the GPLMS since January 2011.
  • St Mary’s provides coaching and support in Foundation Phase Language and Maths, and Intersen Phase Language.
  • The St Mary’s GPLMS team consists of 28 FP coaches and 2 Supervisors working in approximately 80 schools.
  • The St Mary’s GPLMS team consists of 20 IP coaches and 1 Supervisors working in approximately 118 schools.
  • The St Mary’s GPLMS project team is managed by Pontso Phahlane and Oupa Mabena, who can be contacted at
About St Marys

St Mary’s DSG is an Independent Girls School in Pretoria that was established in 1879 by the Anglican Church. In 1988 the St Mary’s DSG Outreach Education Trust (Outreach) was founded by Marianne MacRobert and soon developed as a self-funded NPO.

Initially services were provided to learners and educators in Mamelodi. The Academic Support Programme for both Primary and Senior Learners focused on Maths, Science, Biology and English. Learners would come to St Mary’s DSG for additional lessons during the week. Due to lack of funding and other logistical problems, the Senior Support Programme ended in 1996.

In 1997, the Academic Support Programme extended into Atteridgeville with the introduction of the Whole Schools Change Project in the area. Learners now attended classes on a Saturday at St Mary’s DSG. The Saturday school was integral to the work of Outreach and finally in 2006, a decision was made to close the Saturday School in its present form and re-evaluate and strategise on how to have a larger impact on the Atteridgeville schooling community.

The Teacher’s Development Programme was started in 1998 and by the end of 1995, 500 educators and 27 Principals from all the primary schools in Mamelodi had undergone training. In 1995, the Teacher Development Programme moved to Atteridgeville in the form of the Whole School Change Project. This project was implemented in 25 primary schools in Atteridgeville over a four year period and worked towards ensuring that there is a quality primary school within walking distance of every township child, where children receive holistic education and achieve results that are in line with national standards. The Project facilitated organisational, professional and personal development through working with management, the governing body, teachers, parents and administrative staff.

In 1997, Outreach established a computer centre and resources were funded by the Japanese Embassy. The centre is used to build the capacity of educators to be able to effectively use the computers in the professional careers as well as have the basic skills to help learners develop their computer skills.

Besides the Whole School Change Project, Outreach has also been involved in building the capacity of educators from Atteridgeville in terms of their ability to teach particular subjects. This is done through regular workshops held at St Mary’s DSG, i.e. English, maths and science.

Besides these main programmes, Outreach has worked closely with both the communities of Mamelodi and now Atteridgeville, to respond to the needs of educators in terms of improving the quality of teaching and learning in the township schools. This includes the building of capacity as well as the provision of resources and infrastructure.

Outreach networks with other organisations involved in similar programmes to avoid duplication and to enhance the quality of skills training we offer. Community organisations and the Department of Education are consulted on an ongoing basis to ensure that the Outreach programme remains relevant.

Contact St Marys

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