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Oct 15

The GPLMS is my GPS

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by Eliazer Lechaba (Class Act Intersen Phase Coach) / Madri Wallis

Eliazer-Lechaba-150x150.jpgThere is a saying that, If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. The sad reality about this is you won’t be in a position to say whether you have arrived or not. In my coach’s conversation with teachers, I ask them to identify genres that they are good at and the ones with which they have challenges. The idea is for teachers who have never written a poem, for example, to use the GPLMS writing skill in the lesson plan to write a poem. I also encourage teachers to write the genre they are good in so that their work can be shared with the GPLMS family. The response was overwhelming and I would like to share with you a poem written by one of the teachers. The teacher’s name is Madri Wallis from Kameeldrift Primary School. I encouraged her to write more poems (not only about GPLMS) and keep a journal of these. Sit back, relax and be prepared to be blown away by this work of art.

GPLMS is my GPS by Madri Wallis (Teacher, Kameeldrift Primary School)

When I started working at the school I work now
I was faced by giant problems and I didn’t know how
to assist each child who cannot read
although I knew it was my help they need.

I stumbled along and tried my utter best,
but didn’t know where to go, east or north-west.
Fortunately the ‘Province’ saw how we ran
and they came up with a strategic Plan.

In the ‘Catch-up’ Program it was hard to cope
but as we followed it, we began to see hope.
With the second term we learned much from each other,
then the third term came, and then another....

Now the children were enjoying the Themes
and they started to see there is truth in dreams.
It became an easier and easier program to teach
and all the more possible the goals we would reach.

GPLMS’s lessons show step-by-step how and where to go,
NOW there’s a poster and THEN vocabulary flashcards to show.
After the language building you are shown how to write a poem
and most of the learners can read ON THEIR OWN!

After marking this last test I can finally see –
the kids are really becoming more clever than ME!
Thank you for letting me experience success,
you gave me a program that is my GPS!

Laerskool-Kameeldrift.jpgIt is indeed pleasing and satisfying to see teachers so upbeat about the GPLMS. The fact that their talents and good practice will be shared with the entire GPLMS family encourages them to go an extra mile. This can only be good for the beneficiaries of this Program that is the learners we all so much love.

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